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The Ultimate Video-Scouting, Management, Editing and Analysis Package

In the fast-paced, competitive world of international player recruitment, professional football clubs often have to make crucial objective decisions within very short timeframes.

Key to any decision in recruiting a player from overseas is subjective player analysis, however in many instances it is impossible for a club to send a scout to watch a player at the stadium or afford the expense of having full-time staff located in key recruitment markets. In this instance, the need for unedited broadcast footage of a player is essential. is the world’s most advanced video scouting solution, capturing footage of football all over the globe privately and legally for subscribers to watch live via an internet video stream or from a season archive of match recordings.

  • Unrivalled Coverage
  • Broadcast Quality
  • Editing, Analysis and Integration
  • Additional Player Editing Service
  • The Future of Video Scouting




Unrivalled Coverage

With coverage of over 126 leagues across 60 countries, delivers the most comprehensive video scouting solution to professional clubs.

In total, captures an estimated 1,600 full 90 minute matches a month with strict, predefined delivery timescales - the guaranteed fastest service available across the industry. This ensures that each client club enjoys consistent delivery of subscription league packages to assist with their planning and workflow. also captures coverage of a number of confederation tournaments, involving both club and international teams, together with an increasing amount of exclusive content for youth obtained directly from rights holders. 

Broadcast Quality 



Broadcast Quality users benefit from the best video quality available, with a large number of matches available in HD.

Matches can be watched in one of two ways. They can be viewed online via a webstream (including full screen mode) or can be downloaded in several different formats for remote viewing. Once downloaded, the match is available to watch in the quality of the original broadcast.

Games can also be streamed on a variety of handheld devices including i-Pads and cell phones, whilst matches broadcast from the ‘big five’ European leagues: FA Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, 1. Bundesliga and Serie A can be watched LIVE as they are broadcast online.

All games within the video database are also pre-edited, so all pre-match and half-time coverage is cut.   





Editing, Analysis and Integration

The Elite package delivers a comprehensive online editing and analysis suite, giving coaches, scouts and analysts the ability to cut and collate the most relevant video clips, which can then be stored and distributed to key staff throughout the Club.

Edited highlights and video is managed from within the Club’s secure ProScout7 system. This video, together with player data, performance statistics and scouting reports provides a completely integrated scouting solution framework. + ProScout7 : the market leading professional football scouting framework.

Editing Service 




Additional Player Editing Service

Working with Scout7 Consulting’s professional scouts and analysts based in France, Germany and the UK, Scout7Xeatre can provide clients with comprehensive highlight videos and DVDs, tailored to the Club’s individual specifications, for example:

-        All player touches

-        Player movement on/off the ball

-        Subjective strengths/weaknesses

Opposition assessment reports can also be completed, again to the specific requirements of the Club.

With 10 years’ experience of working with some of Europe’s leading football clubs, Scout7 Consulting provide high quality support, complimentary to any professional scouting operation.




The Future of Video Scouting is the culmination of a partnership between two market leaders in pioneering technology services.

It enables professional clubs to benefit from the world’s most comprehensive video-scouting package, which addresses their short, medium and long term recruitment requirements.

The collaboration allows the forward thinking club to complement traditional subjective scouting methodology with on-demand video through the integration of two state-of-the-art web-based solutions.




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