The Scout7 Video Evolution

Since introducing the first incarnation of the Scout7Xeatre video scouting and analysis application in 2009, Scout7 has led the way in delivering pioneering multiplatform video solutions to the football industry.

Amongst many innovations, during the last four years Scout7 were the first to introduce online editing tools into a video database, as well as being the first to live-stream legitimate subscription-based matches played anywhere in the world.

Scout7 were also the first to devise a platform that allowed video to be integrated into a private scouting and report management database, bringing together all written scouting reports and video into one secure online environment.

In the weeks leading up to the start of the 2013/14 season, further steps were taken by us to not only increase the level and quality of coverage, but also to facilitate the delivery of brand new platforms offering new functionality and features, to assist various different staff operating in the recruitment and performance departments.

Following a major investment in technical infrastructure, which included a complete overhaul of our hardware platforms in Munich, clubs using Scout7 video platforms are receiving footage of every game played in the English Premier League and German 1.Bundesliga this season in High Definition (HD).

These games are also available to download in HD for remote viewing.

In addition to that, over 150 matches across the rest of the ‘big 5’ European leagues were also delivered to clients in HD during August and September.

Plans are in place to introduce more HD channels into our recording schedules in the coming months, which will mean even more games will be delivered in this format as the season progresses.

In total over 22,000 full games, in various formats, have been collected by us since the start of 2013, almost twice as many games compared to the same point last year.

More significantly, we have recently launched not one, but two brand new video platforms, both of which are now available to clubs in a variety of different specifications.

Both platforms sit on the iSF framework via a versatile HTML5 interface, which means they are fully compatible with a PC, iMac or tablet.

They are both seen by us as natural successors to the original Scout7Xeatre platform, but incorporate different functionality, giving clubs the opportunity to choose a solution which is the most appropriate to their needs based on budget, resources and staff expertise.

The first of these two new applications is, which provides club scouts with easy-to-use functionality that allows them to use video content to back up key points they make in a player or team assessment. & Live

As a starting point, allows a user to watch any full game that is stored within our match database, which can be watched online or downloaded.

Then if the club has customised reports incorporated into their ISF package, users of will also be able to edit video from any game they are compiling an assessment for, to create clips which can then be attached to their written report and stored within the iSF’s online filing cabinet.

The editing facility comprises of a simple start and stop button, which acts as the in and out points for a clip to be created and stored within a report.

As an optional extra, users of can also subscribe to live, which grants its staff access to live streams of matches taking place all over the world. Pro

For clubs which require more than just a basic video editor, Pro offers additional functionality which enables the club to access key match event information.

At the heart of Pro is an Event Finder tool, which allows a club to search for scouting events against players, teams or fixtures.

This means that clubs can filter a search based on whether they wish to view specific actions for an individual player or team; and choose the specific events which they wish to view.

The event criteria includes all goals, bookings and dismissals taken from Scout7’s data centre and match events taken from multiple OptaPro datasets.

Once all criteria have been selected, the club user can watch a continuous playback of all the clips selected within the player.

In addition to searching and filtering events, Pro also incorporates functionality which allows users to share scouting clips with colleagues via email, in addition to linking clips to central player and team records.

To ease the identification of players within a clip, in future a user will also be able to utilise a tool which allows them to circle the player at the start of a clip before saving and archiving.

Event filtering for Thomas Muller for viewing in Pro


Developed in conjunction with OptaPro, VideoHub Elite is a comprehensive video application which brings together all pre-existing functionality from the Scout7Xeatre and VideoScout platforms, in addition to new functionality devised by both Scout7 and OptaPro.

It is the first ever multi-match scouting product for professional clubs which presents video indexed with OptaPro’s most detailed dataset.

As with the iSF, VideoHub Elite utilises a widget-based interface which allows the user to customise its own dashboard to create preferred workflows for viewing, editing and analysis.

The package is the most comprehensive available, incorporating various widgets and animations that directly link, to not only the footage, but to searches made by the user when interrogating detailed event data supplied by OptaPro.

With the full dataset available, the application search can return over 100,000 events involving a team or player in less than a second, from matches played across over 30 leagues and 80 competitions that OptaPro currently cover.

A search for Andrea Pirlo’s passes from last season from inside his own half, 60-100 metres in length, aimed towards the far left hand side of the pitch within VideoHub

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you want more information on either of these exciting new platforms, I would be delighted to hear from you!

by Eric Themar Video Operations Manager

Published 08 October 2013