A New Video Landscape This Summer

With the 2014/15 season now reaching its conclusion, professional clubs around Europe, both big and small, are putting the final touches to their summer recruitment strategies so that they can address key objectives in the weeks leading up to the start of pre-season.

Of course, unless you are monitoring prospects taking part in the dozens of international tournaments taking place during May and June, or sending scouts to Chile to watch the Copa America, the opportunities to watch prospects live in the stadium are now extremely limited.

This is where having access to a library of video footage, featuring recruitment targets, can come into its own, as it allows clubs to continue to objectively assess players from a number of different games.

During the winter our video content team undertook substantial work in improving our internal working processes to ensure our footage was not only available quicker than ever before, but was also available for streaming and downloading in the best video quality possible.

My colleague Eric Themar has talked about this at length in a previous blog, whilst our partners Intel have also published their own case study explaining how they have helped us build a sophisticated video capture and storage infrastructure which is genuinely world-class and pioneering.

Image created and supplied by Intel

Having made such progress on the video content side, our next key objective has been to ensure that our client clubs can take this footage and use it to enhance their recruitment processes, to support their key decision making.

As a result we have introduced some major changes to this week, which has seen the platform expanded. It now comprises of four different components, three of which are brand new.

All of these features have been developed based on extensive research and client feedback. One of our key considerations was taking into account that a scouting department’s requirements will differ considerably based on its budget, resources, recruitment strands and objectives.

As a result, we have looked to introduce components which can not only allow club staff to undertake their own detailed analysis and search for key events by a player or team, but also allow them to tune into programmes which incorporate key highlights of specific players and leagues when that is more appropriate.

Here is a summary of each component:

Designed as an evolution of our existing video tools, incorporates features which make it easier for club staff to focus on key events and passages of play when compiling player or team analysis.

What existing users will notice immediately is that we have completely overhauled the previous video user interface, which now includes a number of new tools within the video player. These include match and event playback buttons, which allow users to speed up or slow down the footage as they watch it, in addition to being able to jump to a specific time in the game.

At the heart of is the event filter, which allows users to search for key match events involving individual players and teams from multiple games. These can be watched in sequence, or saved as playlists and archived within the ISF. As well as searching for integrated events, there is also a recording facility that allows users to edit and create their own clips, which can also be saved, archived and shared as playlists or included in a player report.

Later on this month we will also be extending the number of competitions where match events are available, including leagues such as the Danish Superliga and the Dutch second division, which will be available for scouts and analysts to interrogate for the first time.

Team events displaying in sequence in

To assist scouts and analysts with identifying emerging talent, provides extended highlights of young prospects who are excelling this season in various domestic leagues around the world.

Each episode focuses on a different country and features extended clips on a selection of players that have been identified by professional scouts, working on behalf of Scout7 Consulting, who potentially warrant further monitoring.

The first two episodes, which are approximately 50 minutes long, focus on the Dutch Eredivisie and Portuguese Primeira Liga and are available to watch now. Further episodes are currently in production and will be available next month.

Each player featured in is circled at the start of each clip

It is vitally important to be kept abreast of all the goals, stories and developments from various leagues on a weekly basis, so through we are providing club staff with an ideal way for remaining up-to-speed. incorporates a library of domestic highlights programmes captured by us for key domestic leagues around Europe. It includes the top two divisions in England and Germany, as well as the top flights in France, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands.

At different stages of the year it will also include extended highlights from a number of Scout7’s key partner tournaments, starting with the Spax Cup later on this month.

In recent years, the profile of the elite women’s game has grown considerably and ahead of this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, we are pleased to confirm that we have now incorporated our first channel devoted solely to the women’s game.

The channel has been devised to assist clubs who have incorporated video analysis into its women’s team operation, particularly on the recruitment side. will store every game which is captured by Scout7 during the course of the season, at club and international level.

Footage from the United States' 3-0 victory over Ireland on Sunday

Supporting Clients and their Processes

By introducing each of these four components this summer, we hope that we can help professional clubs further optimise their scouting operation, at all levels, so that they can achieve all their key recruitment objectives in the months ahead.

So whether you are at your desk compiling extensive player analysis, or simply want to watch highlights from your tablet device on a WiFi connection, we hope we can provide you with a solution to meet your immediate needs.

If you would like to know more about these updates, or would like an online video demonstration, please get in touch with me via email at and I would be delighted to tell you more.

by Andy Cooper PR & Project Manager

Published 14 May 2015