2016 in Summary: A Year of Technical Innovation

As 2016 draws to a close, we have been taking the opportunity to pause and reflect on how we have optimised our technology during the past year, to support our clients and their day-to-day operations.

Over the course of the last twelve months, we have rolled-out dozens of updates to our various data, video and information management platforms, all undertaken by our own in-house development team, driven by feedback provided by our clients around the world operating at different levels of the game.

These updates have continued well into December, with changes introduced recently to the search and playlist areas of our video App, We are also about to release enhancements to the reports and scouting audit sections of the ISF Player Profile too, which will improve the presentation of a club’s own private information collected and stored on a player.

A preview of the upcoming updates to the ISF Player Profile

ISF Optimisation – Managing and Interrogating Private Club Information

Since January, we have placed great emphasis on assisting clubs with the management of all of their internal information, collected by their staff, on player targets. This has resulted in a number of new and enhanced tools, which has made it easier for users to categorise targets, present information to senior club management and interrogate all the report information entered on players, based around the world, by all their regional scouts and analysts.

Some of the key updates are as follows:

    Improvements to Report Templates: All report templates created for clubs working on the ISF are bespoke and based on feedback during the year, we have improved the general interface of each template. We have also introduced a brand new print template and an auto-save feature, which means that scouts won’t lose any of their work if they accidently fail to save midway through entering a report.

    Introduction of Player State Management: The Player State is a fully customisable feature, which enables a club to manage their categorisation of players, both externally for targets being monitored and internally on contracted players.

    ISF Shortlist App: Designed for internal presentations, the Shortlist App allows a club to consolidate and present all of the information they have collected on player prospects visually, using a series of customisable formation displays.

    ISF Advanced Search App Optimisation: As well as searching for biographical information from Scout7’s global database, improvements to the the Advanced Search App mean that clubs can now interrogate all of their own report information, entered by scouts and analysts, on players being monitored.

A summary of the ISF Shortlist Management App

Video Evolution – Increase in Event Data and the Launch of a Streaming App

Along with updates to the management features of the ISF, we have also invested heavily in updating a number of features relating to our video environment.

On top of improving the overall performance of, which now works over five times faster than it did in 2015, and drastically shortening our video transcoding time, which means that HD video is available to watch quicker after a match than ever before, we have also introduced tools designed to enhance player analysis and the management of video clips.

Here are just a few things we have introduced:

    Expanded Match Events: At the start of the year, we extended the number of tagged player events, supplied by OptaPro, that are available to view in the App. This means that users can watch a wider range of player clips, across multiple games, to identify ball-related events involving a player during the season.

    Self-Tagging Suite: In addition to filtering for the match events provided by OptaPro, we have provided scouts and analysts with a self-tagging tool so that they can do their own analysis on a player or team.

    Enhanced Playlist Management: Video clips created by club users can now be managed in a dedicated Playlists area of the app. Playlists can be linked to teams and players, which means that all the clips can be stored centrally alongside reports and background information collected by a club on targeted players.

    Multi-Video Option for Streaming: Alongside broadcast content, we now have the capacity to stream wide-angle content in the video player. This content is protected, so that clubs can only access the footage from their own league to optimise their match preparations.

    Introduction of Tournament Partner Video Widget: During 2016 we partnered with eight different youth tournaments around the world, which enabled us to deliver exclusive video content for each competition. A number of these games were streamed live to clients, via a dedicated live partner widget.

    PlayerView App Launch: Last but not least, we introduced a dedicated iPad streaming App, PlayerView, which offers the fastest online performance for full match and player highlight streaming.

A demonstration of PlayerView

Supporting Our Clients Over Christmas

Alongside the evolution of our platforms, we also take great pride in providing our clients with unparalleled levels of support, seven days a week.

With several clubs about to embark on a busy festive fixture schedule, I would like to remind you that our dedicated team will be on hand throughout the Christmas and New Year period to support club staff during what is one of the busiest times of the season.

So to ensure that scouts can submit their player and opposition assessments as quickly as possible, our database team will be publishing all match teamsheets within minutes of full-time, all ready for when they get home from the stadium.

Our video operation have also taken measures to ensure that all broadcast footage from major leagues, including every game played in the Premier League, is available to review within a couple of hours of full-time. In addition, every Football League game will also be available to watch too as soon as we receive the footage from the League.

These initiatives are all part of our efforts to provide clubs with the best service possible and if you require additional assistance between now and the New Year, please email us at and we will do everything we can to help.

Looking Ahead to 2017

Whilst we can look back with pride on how we have evolved our platforms in 2016, based on the needs of our clients, we also recognise the need to continue the ongoing process of enhancing each platform into the New Year and beyond.

In addition to supporting our clients through the January Transfer window, we will have a number of exciting announcements to make in the coming weeks, including the introduction of women’s football content into our database and changes around Scout7Media file management.

As ever, the only constant in the world of technology is change and we will keep you updated with new platform developments as they are released throughout 2017.

In the meantime, I hope you have a successful Christmas and enjoy a prosperous New Year!

by Andy Cooper PR & Project Manager

Published 12 December 2016