Marking Fifteen Years of Innovation

With the winter transfer window now closed and attention turning towards recruitment for this summer and beyond, I thought now would be a good opportunity to update you on how Scout7 is continuing to evolve, in addition to outlining what we believe make us different in how we support all 135 of the professional clubs who choose to work with us.

Believe it or not, it has been fifteen years since we first started implementing bespoke scouting and recruitment management solutions in professional football. Of course the industry landscape has changed beyond all recognition since then as technology has become more sophisticated, which has enabled us to deliver customisable, responsive, multi-platform applications to clubs at all levels, with video integrated right at the heart of everything.

However despite the rich swathe of technologies now available, we know that what is probably more important than anything else is being a dependable partner to support every single person working collectively within the club’s scouting department.

These people are some of the most important assets a club will have, because if you get your recruitment right, you are maximising your chances of achieving your goals. It is something which has remained unchanged for over 100 years of the professional game.

Without those experienced and knowledgeable scouts, diligent recruitment analysts, researchers and coordinators, it would be impossible for a club to execute its short, medium and long-term strategies. So from our perspective, we want our technology to be a key aid to assist all these people in fulfilling their role in the scouting process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During January, we launched a number of key updates to our platforms, which were all driven by client feedback.

The first update saw us make several changes to our video analysis platform, which included improvements to the general interface, an increase in the number of tagged video events available per game for users to search for and a massive increase in loading times, which are now 10 times faster than they were previously.

You can now search for games involving a club or player and return details for hundreds of games simultaneously in less than a second, which shows just how fast our technology continues to advance.

Accessing video footage in seconds has never been easier

Alongside these video updates, we have also introduced a brand new Shortlist App to the ISF, which allows senior club staff to present their various different scouting shortlists in a variety of different formations on a pitch display.

This is something which is perfect for visually sharing information internally, so if the scouting staff want to present their recommendations to senior management, incorporating all the key information which they have collected on those players, they now have the ideal tool for it.

Our brand new ISF Shortlists App

From our client meetings, it has also become clear that tagged match events on video are a key feature for scouts and analysts as part of their preliminary research of a player.

Through our industry partners, we were already delivering tagged events for over 70 leagues and competitions worldwide, but now thanks to the introduction of our own internal analytics department, we are now in a position to provide tagging for further key competitions, starting with 5 German divisions operating below 1. and 2. Bundesliga.

In the coming weeks, we are also introducing a Tagging App that is fully compatible with, which will enable scouts and analysts to tag their own events live in the stadium and sync it with the match video when they get online.

We are also currently looking at ways of enhancing match video streaming and playlist management on tablet devices, such as the iPad, and should have further information about this in the spring.

Providing a World-Class Service to World-Class Clubs

Alongside our product evolution, I think it is also important to stress the service aspect of what we do. One thing we have learnt in fifteen years is that 24 hours can be a long time in the scouting department of a professional club, which is why we make the following commitments to each club who work with us:

1) We guarantee that all club information stored on our platforms is hosted securely and remains private and confidential to the club.

2) We recognise that every club has unique requirements: there is no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. Therefore all our technology can be personalised and scaled to a club’s needs.

3) Each client is given their own dedicated Scout7 Account Manager. No client responsibilities are delegated to third-party agencies.

4) We work with ‘best-in-class’ Partners, such as Intel for video optimisation and OptaPro for match event coverage.

5) All our clients can get in touch with us 24/7 through a dedicated support line.

6) Finally and most importantly, we listen to our clients: your feedback is the main driver behind our innovation.

These values make-up the core foundations of Scout7, which we hope make us different to other suppliers servicing clubs. Just as scouting departments strive for competitive advantages over their competitors, we are no different.

The only constant in sport is change and in the months ahead we are going to have a number of further exciting developments which we cannot wait to tell you about. In the meantime we hope that our early year innovations will help you and your department’s ongoing analysis and assessment activities on a daily basis.

If you would like further information on what we have already released in 2016, please feel free to email me at

by Lee Jamison Managing Director

Published 04 February 2016