Introducing PlayerView: Professional Football’s Fastest Video Streaming App

Official statistics published in the UK last year highlighted that over 50% of the country’s population now own of a tablet device, which is up from just 2% from as recently as 2011.

The same report, which was published by Ofcom, also predicts that by the end of this year that figure will increase to nearly two-thirds of the population. This highlights the changing trend of how people are looking to consume online content – people in 2016 want more options for streaming than just sitting at their desktop.

At Scout7 we have been aware of the growing demand for a fast, convenient and reliable video streaming solution which enables scouts to catch-up on matches on-the go. This is particularly important when you take into account the large amount of time scouts can spend away from home, both in terms of travelling and if they are abroad, staying in hotels.

So in the period between the end of last season and the beginning of this summer’s pre-season, we have been busy putting the final touches to a brand new video steaming and analysis app, called PlayerView, which allows subscribers the opportunity to watch full-matches or player clips straight from their iPad.

At the heart of this App is a video player which, when connected to Wi-Fi, provides the fastest and most reliable HD streaming experience.

In this Blog, I am going to briefly summarise PlayerView’s key features, which in addition to providing you with the opportunity to watch over 150,000 games from our video archive, enables you to create your own clips, highlight them using drawing tools and utilise a central environment to manage and share playlists.

Searching for Games

Right at the heart of PlayerView is the ‘Match Finder’, which enables you to browse our entire archive to find a specific match involving a player or team, or from a specific competition.

We capture over 4,000 brand new games each month and thanks to our collaboration with Intel, we ensure that games played from every single major league are delivered to you as quickly as possible after the final whistle.

All you need to do is type in the name of the player, team or competition you want, press search and then hit the play button. It is as simple as that!

Streaming and Match Event Filtering

Once you have chosen the game you want, you can choose to watch it in full screen, where you have tools to jump back and forward to different times during the game.

A full list of match events also display alongside the video player, which have been collected by our data partners OptaPro and by our own Scout7 Analytics team. As with the other Scout7 video platforms, you can search and filter these events so that you can watch specific events relating to a single player or team.

Creating your own Clips

Alongside our pre-populated list of match events, you also have the opportunity to create your own edited clips as you watch a game, using a simple recording feature.

All of your own saved clips are stored within your PlayerView App, which can be viewed back any time you are logged in.

The Event Finder

As well each searching for events as you watch a single game, you can also search for events involving a player or team across multiple matches, using the Event Finder.

You can choose up to three different types of event and then watch back all the events meeting your criteria from the entire PlayerView archive, starting from the most recent game working down.

Playlist Management and Sharing

All PlayerView match event clips and your own edited clips can be saved to your very own Playlist archive, making it easy for you to save and store clips on players, teams and leagues.

When setting up a Playlist folder, you have the option of keeping it private to yourself, or you can grant access to any of your colleagues at the club who are also using the App.

You can also share entire playlist folders externally by sending them to contacts via email. The recipient has 7 days to download the list, so they can watch the clips from their own device.

Drawing Tools

If you would like to highlight anything specific to colleagues during a video clip, you can draw on any clip saved in your Playlists using a pencil tool.

It allows you to complete easy and simple analysis on-the-go.

Interested in Finding out More? Get in Touch!

I am pleased to say that PlayerView has now been accepted by the App store, which means that it is available now for you and your club colleagues to subscribe and use throughout 2016/17.

Alongside the current features, we also have a number of developments in the pipeline which we are looking to introduce later on this autumn. This will include a download feature, so that you can watch games offline as all as stream online.

We have also launched a dedicated website for Playerview,, where you can pick-up further information and watch a number of brief demonstrations of each feature.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions:

We are confident that once you have seen and tried the App you will see its benefits, so if you would like a full demonstration please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

by Andy Cooper PR & Project Manager

Published 18 July 2016