Video Tagging Suite and Playlists Incorporated into

As one transfer window closes, the planning for the next one (and indeed next summer’s recruitment) commences. The business of scouting and recruitment never stops – it is 24/7.

In the weeks and months ahead, scouts, researchers and analysts working for our client clubs will be engaged in analysing hundreds of players around the world, as they look to filter down their key recruitment targets.

A key aspect of Scout7’s job is to provide them with an environment to manage all of their day-to-day work effectively, which evolves year-upon-year as a result of advances in technology and the increasingly progressive thinking of club staff involved in the recruitment process.

This has been the main driver behind the latest updates to our video technology, which have been devised to enhance the way clubs analyse players internally using the match footage we provide them, together with optimising their environment for managing and sharing video playlists of their targets, so that they are easily accessible to all the key stakeholders in the club’s player recruitment.

Here is a summary of what we have introduced this week.

Video Tagging

We already provide clubs with video events for over 70 different leagues and competitions worldwide, supplied by OptaPro and our own Scout7 analytics team. However following feedback from several of the clubs we work with, at all levels of the game, we are now giving their staff the opportunity to tag any match from the Scout7 video archive themselves.

Within the tagging suite, scouts and analysts can create their own event dashboard pin-sets, which can be set up to be player, team or position specific. Using these pin-sets, the user can tag events as the video is playing by pressing buttons on their dashboard or by using keyboard short-cuts.

They also have the option to tag in one-touch or two-touch event mode, based on their preferred method of clipping.

Updated Playlist Management

For the last couple of seasons, we have provided clubs with an environment to manage their own archive of clips, linked to players and teams, within their own Scout7 application.

Now we have fully integrated all our existing playlist features into our video app, which makes it much easier for users to access all their playlists via our standard video environment, as well as introducing several new features which are available for the first time.

As well as creating playlists linked to specific players and teams, our users can now create standalone lists which now appear in their playlist archive. They can also add a description to a playlist, as well as re-order the clips based on the order which they want them to play and amend the in and out times for each clip. They can also add and remove players that are linked to a playlist at any time during the season after the playlist has been created.

As well as broadcast videos, if a club has access to their league’s wide-angle content in they can also create playlists using the wide-angle footage too. We hope this will be particularly useful for clubs looking to enhance their analysis on upcoming opposition.

Once the archive has been populated, all playlists can be shared externally by sending a link for colleagues to view the clips via email.

Central storage of all clips in a player’s record

Arguably the single biggest benefit for a club which has adopted our Intelligent Sports Framework (ISF) is the ease of access for its stakeholders to access all assessments, notes and video analysis collected on a single player by its recruitment staff, which is all available from the their own central ISF record.

Now you can add to that list all of the club’s own internal player tagging, which is automatically available within the player record as soon as the tagged events are added to a playlist linked to the player.

This means that all a senior manager has to do is type in the player’s name in a quick-search facility to access all the information the club has collected on him during his career.

Playlists linked to a player are accessible from their record (highlighted by the red circle)

Interesting to knowing more? Get in touch!

By introducing these new tools, we hope that we can help your club enhance its analysis of players by making it quicker and easier to complete analysis following the conclusion of a game.

If you would like to benefit from using these upgrades, please feel free to contact me on and I can provide you with further information.

by Andy Cooper PR & Project Manager

Published 07 September 2016